In this age of polarization, one thing everyone can agree on is the world of retail will evolve more over the next five years than at any time in its history.  


The combination of digital plus mobility is wreaking havoc on traditional retailers as the power has completely shifted to the consumer.  Traditional retailers are focused on how to digitize their stores while the Digitally Native Brands, who grew up in the digital world, are contemplating the impact of physical on their business.


At the end of the day, the goal is the same; to create experiences that increase the customer's intent to buy...period.  


Achieving success here means the development of a set of guiding principles for a blended retail experience; the best of the physical and the digital world carefully balanced within a series of responsive retail environments.  


In an effort to tame the complexity, I work alongside technology companies and retailers to develop and implement bespoke solutions that address the opportunities and challenges that exist.  Having a trusted resource who can shake the trees, provide a fresh perspective, and force questions like the following to be asked and answered is paramount.


  • How do we create programs that fit into current strategies?

  • How do we understand consumer behavior and implement technologies to enable choice, control, and convenience?

  • What's the right percentage of the brick & mortar business that should be derived from non-traditional spaces?

  • How do we determine what to build with in-house resources versus leveraging a community of partners?

  • What trends and topics do we need to be aware of to make informed investment decisions?


Services Include:

  • Go-To-Market Planning 

  • Innovation & Technology Partner Curation

  • Advisory